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Hello Mushroom Enthusiasts.   

Time sure is flying & we are having so much fun developing our farm and getting ready to present some amazing mushrooms.  We have nearly a thousand pounds of bulk substrate (99 bags) inoculated and resting before being moved to our fruiting rooms.  (Reishi, Oysters and Turkey Tail also some Cordyceps -M in jars)

We are very excited our website is getting an overhaul too!  We have some pretty amazing people joining our farm in 2020.  Stay tuned for updates ~ & thank you for watching our creating manifest into something unique, fun and healing for everyone.

~ Mystic Mountain Mushrooms

~ Happy New Year ~

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Mystic Mountain Mushrooms

December has been a busy month for us!  We’ve got our Turkey Tail, Reishi, Lions Mane and some Cordyceps-M ready to be put to bulk substrate to fruit some amazing mushrooms.  Pioppino a delicious Italian mushroom & Hen of the Woods (Maitake) are currently in production and will be available Spring 2020.


~ Variety ~

Consciously Cultivated

A lot of special attention and care go into every mushroom cultivated at Mystic Mountain Mushrooms Farm.   Come visit us and learn about the healing properties of mushrooms and some amazing ways to prepare them to enjoy as a healthy addition to all of your meals, including your coffee and tea ~

Mystic Mushrooms ~ Italy

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Sherry spent the summer in Northern Italy studying mycology, alchemy, and sustainability while learning to speak Italian with her soul dog Ziggy.   Now Sherry and Ziggy, through Mystic Mountain Mushrooms, is delighted to be Consciously Cultivating many different fungi for everyone to enjoy.  She will be offering small group tours of the mushroom lab and facilities in Grand Lake, Colorado June through August 2020.  Contact Us to reserve your spot in our Consciously Cultivated Educational Farm Tour.


Hello Fungi Friends ~  It’s been a busy week at the farm as we work with different types of substrate and inoculate several amazing species of fungi.

As 2019 comes to a close we at Mystic Mountain Mushrooms couldn’t be happier to see 2020 arrive bringing amazing new mushrooms to share with our local restaurants and organic supermarkets.  We will be offering products on Amazon in 2020 to provide a simple and familiar platform for our clients.

Mystic Mountain Mushrooms is delighted to be providing various mushroom samples to vendors throughout Colorado in January 2020.   If you would like to receive samples of our fresh mushrooms – please send us a note below and you will be contacted to be added to our route.

Experience and feel the difference of our consciously cultivated mushrooms.